WON! Vote “Yes” on 9 in Florida

By adding Amendment 9 to the Florida constitution, we can permanently protect Floridians from opportunists who would put our economy at risk for the narrow interests of the oil industry. The amendment would ban drilling for oil or natural gas in Florida’s state waters.

The United States has massive oil and gas resources that are more economical that drilling off of Florida’s beaches. There is simply no need to open pristine areas for additional drilling.

The future of the transportation sector is electric. Electric vehicle sales are expected to surpass 50% of new vehicles by 2040 and this rapid uptake of electric vehicles will dramatically reduce global oil demand. A recent AAA survey found that 20% of Americans are likely to make their next car electric. Royal Dutch Shell, a major oil and natural gas development company, estimates that global oil demand may peak in the 2020s and decline thereafter. As electric vehicles take over the transportation sector, and the demand for oil is reduced, it makes sense that we amend the Constitution to ensure a permanent solution.

Vote for Amendment 9! It needs 60% voter approval to pass. To support the Yes on 9 campaign, please get involved.