WON! Sara Love for Delegate – Dist. 16

Sara Love has been endorsed by the Maryland chapter of the Sierra Club, which has an excellent policy on agriculture and food that says, “The nontherapeutic use of antibiotics in livestock should be eliminated.”

Sara is one of the few 2018 candidates nationwide to make this a campaign priority. In her platform plank on the environment, she sites “the harmful effects of climate change, the overuse of antibiotics in agriculture and the health of our precious waterways.”

Sara pledges to “promote environmental justice,” saying, “We must ensure that our most vulnerable communities are not being forced to bear the brunt of dirty energy and food deserts.”

When she promises to “support regional programs that promote clean water,” she specifies that it would include “monitoring pesticide impacts.”

Vote for Sara! To support her campaign, please donate and get involved.

Why so few candidates in Maryland? There were some great candidates we endorsed in the Maryland primaries who unfortunately lost their races. And, we’re sure we missed some. If we did, please send us an email at info[at]citizensregenerationlobby.org.