WON! Lorig Charkoudian for Delegate – Dist. 20

Lorig Charkoudian is the only Maryland candidate we’re aware of who has a plank in her platform on food systems:

Food systems cut across all sectors, affecting economic opportunity, physical health and the environment. Our current system favors multinational corporations and is harmful to our physical and environmental health. Lorig will fight to build a just and sustainable food system to provide fresh, nutritious food to all Marylanders. State policies and investments must prioritize creating economic opportunity for those who have been historically excluded from wealth building opportunities. State policy needs to support broad access to nutritious food and education to support healthy eating and must foster food production and food recovery to nurture a sustainable environment. Lorig believes we should prioritize community control over food systems to ensure that healthy, fresh and culturally appropriate food is available to all Marylanders.

You can learn more about Lorig’s activism by reading her Sustainable Local Economies and Food Systems blog posts.

Lorig has made a green campaign pledge that includes a commitment to serve food prepared by local businesses with short food supply chains, whenever possible, and offer non-meat options at campaign events.

Vote for Lorig! To support her campaign, please donate and get involved.

Why so few candidates in Maryland? There were some great candidates we endorsed in the Maryland primaries who unfortunately lost their races. And, we’re sure we missed some. If we did, please send us an email at info[at]citizensregenerationlobby.org.