WON! Lily Qi for Delegate – Dist. 15

Lily Qi earned the endorsement of the Maryland chapter of the Sierra Club, which has an excellent policy on agriculture and food that includes a statement in support of carbon farming:

Industrial agricultural and food system practices are a significant contributor to climate change, and it is essential that they be transformed to minimize generation of greenhouse gases and maximize carbon sequestration in plants and soils.

Lily is one of the few candidates in Montgomery County to mention the county’s unique agricultural reserve in her platform plank on the environment. She writes:

Locally, our vast agricultural reserve in District 15 makes Montgomery a national model in environmental protection in an urbanizing metropolitan area. The Ag Reserve not only improves air quality and reduces carbon footprint, but also justifies smarter infill development that leads to efficient living and smart investments in public transit rather than suburban sprawl.

Vote for Lily! To support her campaign, please donate and get involved.

Why so few candidates in Maryland? There were some great candidates we endorsed in the Maryland primaries who unfortunately lost their races. And, we’re sure we missed some. If we did, please send us an email at info[at]citizensregenerationlobby.org.