Kathleen Williams for Congress – Montana At-Large (Lost)

In her platform, Kathleen Williams has a comprehensive plank addressing climate change that includes a pledge to:

Work with the agricultural community on innovative soil carbon storage to mitigate the risks of climate change.

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Kathleen is one of several candidates running for office in 2018 who understand the importance of regenerative agriculture as a climate solution.

These candidates support the growing number of farmers and ranchers who are adopting practices to draw carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, where it overheats the planet, down into the soil, where it boosts fertility. Research suggests that regenerative agriculture could sequester enough carbon to help civilization avert a climate catastrophe—assuming, of course, that fossil fuels like natural gas are swiftly phased out and replaced with renewable energy technologies.

Going fossil-free will stop the increase in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, but only agriculture can reverse climate change by pulling greenhouses gases out of the atmosphere.

One of the most exciting aspects of regenerative agriculture is how quickly this climate mitigation tool can be “switched on.” Within a few years, farmers and ranchers can make their farms not just carbon-neutral but carbon-negative, sequestering more CO2 than is emitted. The remarkable potential of agriculture to sequester literally billions of tons of carbon annually offers a much needed glimmer of hope on the climate front.

Bringing this cause to Congress is key to hastening a transition to climate-friendly agriculture. Thankfully, healthy soil has finally risen from an obscure topic to a key issue for a growing number of candidates.

We’re keeping a list of all the regenerative agriculture candidates we know of on the Citizens Regeneration Lobby’s Twitter feed.

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