WON! Julie Palakovich Carr – Delegate D17

Environmental protection is the reason Julie Palakovich Carr first got involved in local government. As an ecologist (a biologist who studies nature), she is passionate about protecting the world around us.

Julie has a master’s degree in biology and served two terms on the Rockville Environment Commission and chaired the watersheds committee before being elected to the Rockville City Council in 2013. She championed Rockville’s resolution for a statewide ban on fracking and helped get Rockville certified as a sustainable city—the second municipality in Maryland to earn this distinction.

Julie earned the endorsement of the Maryland chapter of the Sierra Club, in part because her views are aligned with the Sierra Club’s excellent policies on pest management and composting.

Julie’s platform plank on climate change and the environment addresses pesticides, and she pledges to work in the legislature to “[r]educe the use of pesticides and artificial fertilizer, which threaten human health and biodiversity.” She says, “Maryland can begin by halting pesticide use on state government property.”

Julie pledges to “[w]ork to bring large-scale composting facilities to Maryland so that more communities and businesses have options for composting.”

Vote for Julie! To support her campaign, please donate and get involved.

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