Jennifer Lewis for Congress – Virginia 6th District (Lost)

Jennifer Lewis is an advocate working for families, farmers and the environment. She is a mental health worker, community advocate and leader in the fight against the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.

Jennifer comes from a farming family, and she understands the stress and strains endured by family farms. Jennifer grew up unloading hay and picking rock on her small, family-owned dairy farm. While she was away at college, her family made the heart-wrenching decision to sell their farm.

She earned a bachelor’s degree in sociology with a concentration in environmental studies from the State University of New York at Oneonta—where she met her husband, Ben.

Jennifer is an elected member of the Headwaters Soil and Water Board.
She has served as chair of the Waynesboro Parks and Recreation Board for eight years and currently serves as chair of the Office on Youth Commission. She’s also a board member at Wild Virginia.

In her platform plank, “Farms & Forests—Our Land, Water, Air and Livelihood,” Jennifer includes calls for the nation to “start being reasonable about marijuana and hemp and legalize them.” In Congress she would work for “policy that allows farms to sell directly to consumers and restaurants.”

“Just like in other industries, corporate conglomeration and monopolization have led to large agribusiness crushing competition from smaller farms,” she writes. Jennifer wants “tough enforcement of antitrust laws in the industry.”

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