WON! Jared Polis for Governor – Colorado

Jared knows what makes Colorado great:

People want to grow their families and businesses here because of our high quality of life, productive economy, vibrant and sustainable cities, innovative spirit, viable and productive agriculture, access to locally grown food, strong environment, robust outdoor recreation opportunities, and healthy watersheds, rivers, and streams.  

As Governor, Jared would make Colorado the nation’s climate leader by bringing the state to 100% renewable energy by 2040. His plan would foster a just transition to regenerative systems of energy and food production by, among other things, “Working with industry and local communities to create partnerships that give shut-down mines and factories new missions in manufacturing, agriculture, forestry, and renewable energy development.”

Jared’s comprehensive Agriculture Policy includes support for water conservation, animal welfare and hemp production.

Jared would implement and update Colorado’s Water Plan by realizing conservation goals for all sectors including agriculture, Colorado’s biggest water user.

On farm animals, he says:

Our state is home to some of the most responsible farmers and ranchers you can find in the United States. And, as a former beekeeper and alfalfa farmer myself, I’m proud of Colorado’s agricultural heritage. We have an enormous opportunity to lead in providing Americans with the highest quality meats, cheeses, and eggs possible and the most humane and healthy treatment of farmed animals. We can also do more to expand the availability of plant protein products derived from Colorado crops.

In 2008, Colorado passed landmark legislation improving livestock confinement practices. I believe that ten years later, it’s time to revisit that law to make sure we are consistent with the most humane and up-to-date livestock confinement practices for all animals. For example, Colorado produces over 100 million eggs per year, and healthier hens produce healthier eggs. Chickens that have sufficient room to walk, stretch their wings, and socialize live longer and produce more eggs. To reduce the development of antibiotic resistant bacteria, we will direct the Commissioner of the Department of Agriculture to identify and encourage best practices to prevent the overuse of antibiotics on farm animals.

On hemp production, he says:

Hemp is a resilient crop. But, federal uncertainty surrounding hemp has held us back from an agricultural revolution that Colorado is poised to lead. I’ll continue to push the federal government to change the absurd classification of cannabis as a Schedule I drug, and in Colorado, we will help bring opportunities for industrial hemp and other high-value crops to more Colorado farmers.

We will work with the Colorado Department of Agriculture to facilitate grant money to specifically improve hemp manufacturing and processing in our state Colorado is being put at a competitive disadvantage due to the fact that we don’t have a decorticator, the machine necessary to process hemp. We’ll work with the legislature and private industry to bring a decorticator to Colorado, and will forge a partnership with Adams State University and Colorado State University to lease its availability to farmers and ranchers, and ensure that we develop the top-of-the-line hemp processing that will propel our state forward.

Jared’s commitment to good food and farm policy is proven by his record as a U.S. Congressman. He earned a 100% score from Food Policy Action. He has been a strong supporter of putting labels on foods produced with genetic engineering, earning an A grade from the Cornucopia Institute.

Vote for Jared! To support his campaign, please contribute and get involved.