Jamie McLeod-Skinner for Congress – District 2 (Lost)

Jamie is the right person to challenge incumbent Republican Greg Walden.

She has run—and won—two prior campaigns. She has eight years of elected experience.

Jamie has degrees in engineering, regional planning and law. Her career includes working as the reconstruction and water program manager for the International Rescue Committee in Bosnia and Kosovo and environmental planner for the Santa Clara Valley Water District.

Her responses to Eviro Gorge’s excellent candidate survey that included questions about “climate change mitigation and adaptation, as well as carbon sequestration” and the “human health effects of pesticides, including Roundup, dicamba, chlorpyrifos, and neonicotinoids,” show a mastery of the issues and a willingness to address them head-on.

Jamie came out in support of “carbon sequestration measures as well as a carbon tax.”

On pesticides, she said:

The current administration has made a joke of the EPA by installing an anti-EPA radical as its chief. People like Scott Pruitt should be nowhere near environmental policy, as it is clear that their priorities lie in lining the pockets of polluters versus protecting our environment and citizenry from the effects of pollution. The protections for agricultural workers that the agency gutted last year must be restored and enshrined in statute, so that they’re not susceptible to this kind of bad-faith manipulation from future right-wing administrators. As a legislator, I would support the bill introduced by Senators Udall and Blumenthal which would ban chlorpyrifos, and push to have it extend to other toxic chemicals that have been shown to be harmful to children, workers, and wildlife.

We learned through an exchange on Twitter that Jamie supports the Food and Farm Act!

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