Dennis Harris for Alaska House of Representatives District 32 (Lost)

Fishing is one of Dennis’s top priorities because, as he says, fishing is the backbone of Alaska’s economy and a pillar of its culture.

Dennis opposes Pebble Mine and supports Stand for Salmon:

The Bristol Bay Watershed is too important to the economy of our state to risk. We need to protect fishing for generations, not gamble one of the most productive fisheries for a open pit mine. I support Stand For Salmon because most of the regulations are from decades ago. We need to update them and make sure we don’t lose such a vital part of our culture and economy in the long term.

In his statement on fishing, he prioritizes the rights of Alaska’s indigenous nations:

The traditional way of life of Alaska Natives and rural Alaskans must be preserved. Native Alaskans have fished Alaska waters forever. Fish aren’t just an economic part of Alaska, but a part of our culture as well. 

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