WON! Christopher Kessler Maine House of Representatives – District 32

Chris Kessler works in the energy efficiency industry, a career that got started when he volunteered to winterize neighbors homes.

He served on South Portland’s Energy and Recycling Committee in 2010, where we laid the initial groundwork for the city’s climate action plan and worked to create the city’s sustainability coordinator position.

Among the major accomplishments he wants to achieve as a legislator is:

Implementation of a long-term strategy to adapt to climate change and natural disasters through investment in local agriculture, distributed power generation, water resource protection and emergency management.

Vote for Chris! To support his campaign, please donate and get involved.

Why so few candidates in Maine? There were some great candidates we endorsed in the Maine primaries who unfortunately lost their races. And, we’re sure we missed some. If we did, please send us an email at info[at]citizensregenerationlobby.org.