WON! Jeremy Gray for Alabama House District 83
Jeremy is a former professional football player who transitioned to a career in health, nutrition, holistic wellness and community organizing. Better known to clients, customers and friends as “Mr. EYG,”
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Stand for Salmon (Lost)
The future of Alaska’s salmon economy is at stake. Alaska’s salmon fishing industry is critical to our state’s economy and way of life. However, this vital economic resource is now
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Patricia Faye-Brazel for Alaska House of Representatives District 10 (Lost)
Patricia has always been deeply involved in community organizing and will continue to do so as a state legislator. In 2016, while serving on the Democratic Platform Committee, she successfully
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Dennis Harris for Alaska House of Representatives District 32 (Lost)
Fishing is one of Dennis’s top priorities because, as he says, fishing is the backbone of Alaska’s economy and a pillar of its culture. Dennis opposes Pebble Mine and supports
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David Garcia for Arizona Governor (Lost)
David is running for Governor to fight for working families and against a rigged economy. Agriculture is part of his plan for Good Jobs & A Fair Economy: One way
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Chintan Desai for U.S. Congress Arkansas District 1 (Lost)
Chintan’s agriculture platform isn’t the regenerative agriculture platform of our dreams, but it is decent. His proposals are sensitive to the economic struggles of family farmers while making sure to
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Maureen Skinner – Arkansas State Senate – District 35 (Lost)
Having grown up on a farm in the woods, Maureen Skinner appreciates Arkansas’ amazing array of rivers, lakes and forests. “Protecting these for future generations while developing sustainable technologies that
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WON! Vote YES on 12 to Stop Animal Cruelty!
It’s cruel and inhumane to lock animals in tiny cages for their whole lives. Such confinement causes extreme suffering and increases food safety risks. Farm animals and California consumers deserve
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Kevin de León for U.S. Senate – California (Lost)
As president pro tempore of the California State Senate, Kevin de León has led the 40-member Senate body to historic accomplishments that have established California’s reputation as a recognized global
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Audrey Denney for Congress – California 1st District (Lost)
Audrey Denney wants voters to send her to Congress to “fight for the health of our soils, our planet and our future.” Audrey, raised in a farming family, studied agricultural
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Julia Peacock for Congress – California District 42 (Lost)
Julia is a public school teacher who always worked in low-income, high-risk schools “because I believe education is the great equalizer when it comes to being able to change your life
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WON! Katie Porter for Congress – California District 45
Katie is a UC Irvine law professor, mother of three and consumer protection attorney. She’s running against Congresswoman Mimi Walters, a corporate-funded climate denier who earned only 20 out of
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WON! Harley Rouda for Congress – California District 48
Harley is running to unseat Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, a corporate-funded climate denier who earned only 20 out of 100 on Food Policy Action’s scorecard. By contrast, Harley is “refusing to
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WON! Mike Levin for Congress – California District 49
Mike is a clean energy industry attorney and non-profit founder and director who has been endorsed by the Sierra Club and the California League of Conservation Voters. His platform includes a
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Ammar Campa-Najjar for Congress – California District 50 (Lost)
It’s easy to support Ammar Campa-Najjar over Duncan Hunter. Hunter, an incumbent who has been indicted on corruption charges, is a corporate-funded climate-change-denier whose Food Policy Action score was 20
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WON! Robert Rivas for California Assembly District 31
Supervisor Robert Rivas lives in Hollister with his wife, Christen, and their one-year-old daughter, Melina. He has served on the San Benito County Board of Supervisors since 2010, and most
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WON! Priya Bhat-Patel for Carlsbad City Council District 3
One of Priya’s top priorities is to “protect our environment and ecological preserves and strive to achieve 100% renewable energy and zero waste by executing on our Climate Action Plan.”
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WON! Jared Polis for Governor – Colorado
Jared knows what makes Colorado great: People want to grow their families and businesses here because of our high quality of life, productive economy, vibrant and sustainable cities, innovative spirit,
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WON! Ned Lamont for Governor – Connecticut
Ned has a strong plan for Protecting the Environment that includes a pledge to Protect Clean Air, Water & Soil. As governor, he would ban insecticides that harm bees. He
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WON! Vote “Yes” on 9 in Florida
By adding Amendment 9 to the Florida constitution, we can permanently protect Floridians from opportunists who would put our economy at risk for the narrow interests of the oil industry.
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Andrew Gillum for Florida Governor (Lost)
Andrew has a strong platform on the environment: Andrew believes that climate change is a real and urgent threat. Politicians like Donald Trump, who call it a “hoax,” and Governor
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WON! Nikki Fried for Florida Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Nikki has a strong agriculture and consumer protection platform. She includes these campaign promises in her list of priorities: Blue-Green Algae Blooms The algae blooms in and around Lake Okeechobee
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Jeffrey Solomon for Florida House of Representatives District 115
Dr. Solomon is strong advocate for environmental justice, which he lists among his top priorities. He says: We must invest in renewable solar and wind energy sources, because moving Florida’s
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Stacey Abrams for Governor – Georgia (Lost)
Stacey Abrams has a strong Economic Mobility Plan that would keep more money in the pockets of working families, including farmers and others working in the food system. The central
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WON! Dr. Josh Green for Lieutenant Governor
Josh Green is a local doctor who has spent his life caring for Hawaii families. After completing his medical training, Josh started his life’s work as a family physician and
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Ryan Farrar for Indiana State Senate – District 6 (Lost)
Ryan, a north Newton County resident, is very concerned about the damage done by industrial agriculture, specifically concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFO), which pollute the land, air, and water. Ryan
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Kayla Koether for Iowa House – District 55
Kayla Koether grew up on the Koether family farm near McGregor, Iowa, where she developed her love for raising livestock and was involved in all aspects of farm management. A
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Denise O’Brien for Iowa House – District 21 (Lost)
Denise O’Brien and her husband, Larry Harris, maintain 17 acres of the original Harris farm, five of which are in certified organic fruit and vegetable production. Denise utilizes a greenhouse
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J.D. Scholten for Congress – Iowa – 4th District (Lost)
J.D. Scholten is running to unseat incumbent Congressman Steve King, author of the infamous King Amendment to the 2018 House Farm Bill. This law would strip states of the authority
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WON! Cindy Axne for Congress – Iowa – 3rd District
As a fifth-generation Iowan, with farm roots in Warren County, Cindy Axne understands the importance of our rural areas. Cindy’s platform includes a comprehensive plank on protecting Iowa’s farms  and
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Adrian Wallace – Lexington-Fayette Urban County Council At-Large – Kentucky (Lost)
In his platform, Adrian Wallace has a unique plank on agriculture that calls for “the expansion, promotion and support of Community Supported Agriculture, particularly granting incentives to rural Fayette County
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Seth Hall for Congress – Kentucky – 4th District (Lost)
Seth Hall is one of the few candidates who has something to say about the welfare of the nearly 10 billion animals confined in U.S. factory farms. Seth’s platform includes
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WON! Chloe Maxmin Maine House of Representatives – District 88
Chloe Maxmin is a 25-year-old Nobleboro native who grew up on her family’s farm. When she was 12, she became a climate organizer, “working to build movements that can push
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WON! Christopher Kessler Maine House of Representatives – District 32
Chris Kessler works in the energy efficiency industry, a career that got started when he volunteered to winterize neighbors homes. He served on South Portland’s Energy and Recycling Committee in
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WON! Anne Carney for Maine House of Representatives – District 30
During 26 years as a litigator, Anne Carney specialized in employment, civil rights and municipal law. She took this expertise to Pine Tree Legal Assistance (PTLA), where she served for
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Ben Jealous for Governor – Maryland (Lost)
Ben Jealous is a civic leader and former Environmental Defense Fund board member. At 35 years of age, Ben made history by becoming the youngest person to ever serve as
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WON! Lily Qi for Delegate – Dist. 15
Lily Qi earned the endorsement of the Maryland chapter of the Sierra Club, which has an excellent policy on agriculture and food that includes a statement in support of carbon
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WON! Sara Love for Delegate – Dist. 16
Sara Love has been endorsed by the Maryland chapter of the Sierra Club, which has an excellent policy on agriculture and food that says, “The nontherapeutic use of antibiotics in
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WON! Julie Palakovich Carr – Delegate D17
Environmental protection is the reason Julie Palakovich Carr first got involved in local government. As an ecologist (a biologist who studies nature), she is passionate about protecting the world around
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WON! Emily Shetty for Delegate – Dist. 18*
*We’re making two endorsements in this district which elects three delegates. As a public health advocate, Emily Shetty is especially passionate about clean air, clean water and investing in reliable
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WON! Jared Solomon for Delegate – District 18*
*We’re making two endorsements in this district which elects three delegates. Jared Solomon has been a teacher, policy leader and activist, who has spent his whole life working in public
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WON! Vaughn Stewart for Delegate – Dist. 19
Vaughn Stewart is the only candidate in the country that we’re aware of who has publicly called out Monsanto during his campaign. There probably isn’t a candidate who has more
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WON! Lorig Charkoudian for Delegate – Dist. 20
Lorig Charkoudian is the only Maryland candidate we’re aware of who has a plank in her platform on food systems: Food systems cut across all sectors, affecting economic opportunity, physical
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Holly Bud for Commissioner – Calvert County 3rd District (Lost)
Holly Bud grew up on the Chesapeake Bay, crabbing, fishing, sailing and building sand castles, tree houses and secret gardens in the woods. She attended Rutgers University where she got
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WON! Keith Ellison for Minnesota Attorney General
Keith has been endorsed by Our Revolution Minnesota, which confirmed through a candidate questionnaire that he supports “More sustainable, organic agricultural practices, including local food production, farm-to-table projects, farmer’s markets,
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WON! Ilhan Omar for Congress – Minnesota District 5
Ilhan was endorsed by Our Revolution Twin Cities, which confirmed through a candidate questionnaire that she would work to: Pass legislation that protects Minnesota’s pollinators. Break up agribusiness. Support organic
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Ian Todd for Congress – Minnesota District 6 (Lost)
Ian has been endorsed by Our Revolution Minnesota, which confirmed through a candidate questionnaire that he supports “More sustainable, organic agricultural practices, including local food production, farm-to-table projects, farmer’s markets,
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Skip Sandman for Congress – Minnesota District 8 (Lost)
Skip has been endorsed by Our Revolution Duluth, which confirmed through a candidate questionnaire that he supports “More sustainable, organic agricultural practices, including local food production, farm-to-table projects, farmer’s markets,
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Kathleen Williams for Congress – Montana At-Large (Lost)
In her platform, Kathleen Williams has a comprehensive plank addressing climate change that includes a pledge to: Work with the agricultural community on innovative soil carbon storage to mitigate the
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Kara Eastman for Congress – Nebraska 2nd District (Lost)
Kara Eastman started Omaha Healthy Kids Alliance (OHKA) and has grown it from a small start-up lead poisoning prevention organization to a nationally recognized, award-winning nonprofit that has raised more
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Paul Theobald for Congress – Nebraska 3rd District (Lost)
Paul is a longtime educator and author, and a part-time farmer. He and his wife Maureen live on a small farm in Pierce County where they pasture-raise purebred heritage breed
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Chuck Hassebrook for State Senate – 16th District (Lost)
Chuck Hassebrook about spent most of his career at the Center for Rural Affairs, a national rural advocacy and development organization based in the northeast Nebraska community of Lyons. He
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New York

WON! Anthony Delgado for Congress – New York District 19
Anthony has an excellent platform on Farming & Agriculture: The farmers in our district have been forced to endure the detrimental impacts of bad trade policies and an unfair Farm
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WON! Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for Congress – New York District 14
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez won New York’s 14th district House seat after a primary victory over the incumbent Congressman, Democratic Caucus Chair Joe Crowley. Crowley was an opponent of consumers’ right to
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Tracy Mitrano for Congress – New York District 23 (Lost)
Tracy is one of the few candidates for Congress nationwide who know enough about the Farm Bill to comment on it. Tracy opposed the Farm Bill passed by the House
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WON! Portland Clean Energy Fund
The Portland Clean Energy Fund would create a 1-percent business license surcharge on large retail operations with more than $1 billion in previous annual national sales and $500,000 in annual
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WON! Congressman Earl Blumenauer for Reelection – District 3 – District 2
Congressman Blumenauer’s Food and Farm Act is a Farm Bill for the Regenerative Revolution. It would support the transition from polluting industrial agriculture, where pesticide-drenched genetically modified crops are grown
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Jamie McLeod-Skinner for Congress – District 2 (Lost)
Jamie is the right person to challenge incumbent Republican Greg Walden. She has run—and won—two prior campaigns. She has eight years of elected experience. Jamie has degrees in engineering, regional
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WON! Jo Ann Hardesty – City Commissioner of Portland – Position 3
Jo Ann is a community leader and activist who has stood with the city’s most disadvantaged communities for nearly 30 years. She has served as an Oregon state representative (1995-2001,
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Amy Thuren for Jackson County Commissioner Position 1 (Lost)
“Carbon sequestration is part of my plan to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and become energy neutral by 2050.” That’s just one of the thoughtful answers Amy gave in response
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Dr. Lanita Witt for Jackson County Commissioner Position 3 (Lost)
“We need to be creative in our plan to combat climate change and incentivizing farmers to use sustainable carbon-sequestering farming practices would be a great step in the right direction.”
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WON! Oregon State Representative Pam Marsh District 5
Rep. Marsh was elected to the Oregon State Legislature to represent House District 5 in November 2016. She is a 24-year resident of Oregon, former Ashland city council member, small
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Jess King for Congress – Pennsylvania District 11 (Lost)
Jess King has been an important community leader in Pennsylvania for the past 20 years, fighting for working people. For the past eight years she has been executive director of
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WON! Tim Kearney for Pennsylvania State Senate – District 26
Tim Kearney is a longtime community leader in Swarthmore, Delaware County. He chaired the Borough Planning Commission for seven years, and is currently serving his second term as mayor. Thanks
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Emily Best for Pennsylvania State Senate – District 30 (Lost)
As a state senator, organic farmer Emily Best promises to represent the interests of small and medium-sized farms: The small and medium-sized farms that keep our region fed and our
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WON! Sara Innamorato for Pennsylvania State Representative – District 21
Through her company Innamo Co., Sara Innamorato works with clients to develop events and initiatives around technology, food access, social justice and women’s rights. “As a native Pittsburgher, I want
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WON! Summer Lee for Pennsylvania State Representative – District 34
Summer Lee is running on a platform that calls for environmental justice: Allegheny County remains one of the worst in the country when it comes to protecting the air we
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WON! Elizabeth Fiedler for Pennsylvania State Representative – District 184
Elizabeth Fiedler is running on a platform that calls for clean air, water and energy for all of us: We have a moral duty to act on climate change and
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Kim Olson for Texas Agriculture Commissioner (Lost)
Kim Olson is a retired U.S. Air Force Colonel turned farmer. She and her husband raise fruits, vegetables, and pecans sold directly to consumers, as well as restoring native grassland
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Joseph Kopser for Congress – Texas 21st District (Lost)
In his platform, Joseph has a unique plank on healthy, affordable, sustainable food, where he calls for: a ban on the non-therapeutic use of antibiotics in factory farming, a more
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Sri Preston Kulkarni for Congress – Texas 22nd District (Lost)
Sri Preston understands that agriculture and land use needs to be part of the solution to climate change. “We should also look at an evidence-based approaches to mitigating our emissions,”
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Jennifer Lewis for Congress – Virginia 6th District (Lost)
Jennifer Lewis is an advocate working for families, farmers and the environment. She is a mental health worker, community advocate and leader in the fight against the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.
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Anthony Flaccavento for Congress – Virginia 9th District (Lost)
Anthony Flaccavento is an organic farmer who has been working on community, environmental and economic development issues for 30 years. He is the author of Building a Healthy Economy from
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Yes on Initiative 1631 (Lost)
Initiative 1631 would place a $15 per ton fee on big polluters to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create an Clean Up Pollution Fund. The state estimates that this fund
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West Virginia

Lissa Lucas for West Virginia House of Delegates District 7 (Lost)
Lissa Lucas is an organic homesteader and co-author of My Pet Chicken, a handbook on raising backyard chickens. She writes the blog and handles social media for The accidental
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