Audrey Denney for Congress – California 1st District (Lost)

Audrey Denney wants voters to send her to Congress to “fight for the health of our soils, our planet and our future.”

Audrey, raised in a farming family, studied agricultural education then got hands-on practice in agro-ecology working in El Salvador and Ghana.

Audrey is the only candidate we know of who has created a campaign video, “Audrey Denney on Climate Change, Renewable Energy and Regenerative Agriculture,” to make the case for carbon-sequestering regenerative agriculture.

Here’s the transcript of that video:

I believe that climate change is the single largest threat facing humanity and life as we know it.

I’ve spent a huge part of my professional career working to solve this problem, whether that’s been designing educational tools to help policy makers monitor and report greenhouse gas emissions, or teaching our local university students about reducing food waste, or even working with smallholder farmers in Central America and West Africa to increase resiliency in regions fraught with challenges from unprecedented weather events.

For a long time, though, I honestly didn’t see a lot of hope for civilization’s future.

That is, until I learned that the answer to mitigating climate change is right beneath our feet, in the soil. Soil is our world’s most precious resource. In one handful of healthy soil, there are more microorganisms than there are people on the entire planet. Through the power of photosynthesis, plants pull carbon out of the atmosphere, where it is liability to life as we know it, and put that carbon into the soil and store it where it becomes a source of fertility and increases the productivity of our land. This is carbon farming.

Regenerative agriculture practices like holistic planned grazing, no-till farming, composting and cover-cropping all build healthy productive soils and mitigate climate change.

This kind of regenerative management is taking place all over the globe. It’s also restoring our water tables, building habitat for wildlife, reviving rural economies and producing nutritious, healthy food.

Our farmers and ranchers are heroes. With the right support mechanisms and market triggers in place, they can help us solve so many of the challenges that we face here on in the north state and abroad.

Climate change is a complex problem and we must address our dependence on petroleum. But, even if we were able to stop all greenhouse gas emissions around the globe today, our planet already has too much carbon in the atmosphere and would most likely still suffer catastrophic climate instability over the next hundred years destroying civilization as we know it.

To fully address climate change, we need a multipronged approach that has to include transitioning from fossil fuels to renewable energies. However, we also desperately need to implement a long-term and systematic approach to investing in our soil and increasing the adoption of carbon farming.

Send me to Washington, DC to represent California’s 1st Congressional District and I will fight for the health of our soils, our planet and our future.

Vote for Audrey! To support her campaign, please donate and get involved.