- Who can join CRL? - 

Any individual or organization wishing to help speed the transition to a regenerative food, farming and land-use system.

- Why join the CRL? -

Over the past few decades we have seen how multinational corporations swoop into communities to buy influence over local policies and politicians. In their wake they leave polluted waters, greenhouse gas pollution, degraded soils, underpaid and exploited workers, massive health bills for people sickened by toxic food and chemicals, bankrupted family farms and devastated local economies.

Our industrial food and agriculture system is not working:

  • Consumers experience declining nutritional quality and increasing health risks from contaminated, chemical food
  • Agricultural workers often endure discrimination, long hours, low wages and unhealthy working conditions
  • Rural communities are declining economically and experiencing a sharp drop in population, especially young people
  • The environment suffers from soil depletion and water pollution from chemical inputs and toxic waste associated with factory farms and GMO mono-cropping
  • Greenhouse gas emissions from a chemical- and fossil fuel-intensive food and farming system are responsible for up to 44-57 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions, driving global warming and disrupting the climate
  • Farm animals are subjected to unnecessary suffering

For profitable corporations, corporate shareholders and the politicians they support with their donations, the current food and farming system works. There is no economic motivation or political will to change it.

By joining CRL, you connect to a growing movement of citizens committed to disrupting the status quo by building massive grassroots support for an economically viable, healthful, environmentally healing “regenerative” alternative food and farming system that benefits consumers and independent, not just wealthy corporations and their investors.

- What happens when I join CRL? -

When you join CRL you become part of a growing grassroots effort to reform our industrial food and agriculture system.

We promise to:

  • Keep you informed of any relevant local, state or national policy initiatives that need your support
  • Connect you with individuals or organizations working on related food and farming, health, environmental, climate, labor, economic and social justice and animal welfare issues in your geographic area, including existing Regeneration Alliances, in case you want to get more involved
  • Provide contacts and resources if you want to establish your own local, state or regional Regeneration Alliance
  • Provide sample surveys for local candidates for political office to determine their positions on food and agriculture policy
  • Notify you of local educational and policy events related to regenerative food, farming and land use.

- How do I join the CRL? -

Anyone can sign on to the CRL here.